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Angry Birds AR: Isle of Rings

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Game information

Game title: Angry Birds AR: Isle of Rings

Category: Android Games
Game description:

The confrontation between pigs and birds is endless! Everything started a couple of years ago in form of a simple mobile game with an easy set of actions. You make the birds fly and destroy pigs’ houses. Despite of such simplicity, the title became extremely popular among players of all ages. Both children and adults find Angry Birds a perfect time killer. However, the time goes by and technologies never stand still. Are you ready to see the birdies coming off the screen and showing themselves in the real world? The time has come – one of the most addictive and bright titles is gaining a new outlook. It’s augmented reality and it is really cool.

Forty+ levels of birds VS pigs struggle are waiting for you in Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs! The most amazing thing about this title is that it uses the most advanced AR technologies to provide you with a completely new Angry Birds experience. This is something all fans have been waiting for. In general, the gameplay remains the same – the player will have to use a huge slingshot and birds with various “killing” characteristics to destroy the fortifications of green pigs. But now you can forget about a boring and small flat screen of your phone or tablet. 2D will not restrict the birds’ actions anymore, because now you can have them in 3D. Not just 3D, but real life environment, which looks pretty interesting and gives you more opportunities. The pigs’ constructions can be viewed from all sides now. You have to find a suitable surface and use your phone to start playing. Move around the map with your device in hand and search for the most beneficial striking positions.