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Arthur’s Nightmare Horror

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Game information

Game title: Arthur’s Nightmare Horror

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:
Cartoons and animated TV series quite often become an inspiration for amazing online games. And Arthur’s Nightmare is just the case. This demo horror is a loose adaptation of a popular kids show utilizing the image of its well-known character, Arthur. The player has to spend four nights in a spooky home from where they can’t escape before they explore the building and discover ten objects in its most mysterious and distant corners. But hurry up, if you hang around for too long, you risk meeting Arthur and your own death!
How did you end up in a fix like that? According to the story, you are a fan of Arthur who isn’t pleased with the show’s animation. Trying to get your point of view across, you send a letter expressing your attitude. And it’s certain Arthur doesn’t like it. He doesn’t seem to be very acceptable to criticism and now has a personal grudge against you. Eager to take his vengeance, he arrives to your house and makes you fear even your own shadow. Will you be able to accomplish the task and find all the necessary items before Arthur gets to you? There is only one way to find out!
 While the visuals of the game are rather basic, the storyline and atmosphere are highly captivating. From the very first minutes, you become fully absorbed in the gameplay. There is nothing complicated in getting the hang of the controls and it’s clear what you have to do. But doing that won’t be easy! Be attentive, stay alert and don’t loose it if Arthur catches you off guard!