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Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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Game information

Game title: Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Meet so many dragons in Spyro Reignited Trilogy and get into an amazing adventure! There is a powerful but very evil creature Gnorc, who terrorizes dragons and tries to turn them into stones. But not Spyro! He is the one to travel around the lands and save his friends from being petrified.  In this trilogy, dragons are so different and unique, that you will have great fun saving every next one. In the previous parts of the game, they used just to give you some useful tips and say that they are thankful, but they were kind of lacking characters. And now they have different costumes and voices! The game has a very clear gameplay: you hardly need a map to move in the right direction because the treasures on your way will lead you to the correct destination. You will move slightly and there are no chances that you will get lost on some point. The navigation is 100% intuitive and even when you feel curious about some places that are not located on your direct way, you may go there and get rewarded for being that curious. There are numerous extras for those who want to see more places, nooks, and caves! Hunting the gems with Spyro is a real pleasure.

By the way, Spyro is a character we know from 90s, since there was a game-franchise about this violet dragon, who has a taste for treasures and a sense of dignity. Just like in this trilogy, he was doing his best to save the fellows that are in danger and to get as much jewelry on his way as he can. Well, now, we have the same plot arranged in a brand new way. The modern graphics and amazing approach to the gameplay make this title one of the most compatible nostalgic entertainments ever. If you have been playing for Spyro when you were a child and now want to get those delightful feeling, you are welcome to try it out right now! Even if you are not familiar with this brave and adorable guy, then you should try it anyway. The game is available for free on our resource, so don’t wait any longer and have fun!