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Arthur’s Number Nightmare

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Game information

Game title: Arthur’s Number Nightmare

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

When Arthur and his buddies find a ranking of their class from the principal’s office, they don’t know what to think. Arthur is listed as number two! Is he really that smart? Buster, who is eleven, is sure that this is just his lucky number. And can Francine who’s listed last increase her position in the rank? The next day, all three go to school where Arthur gets C minus and Buster counts everything by eleven to draw good luck. Francine tries to find out what the ranking really means and, being caught in principal’s office, pretends that she came in to offer her help for the upcoming fall festival. There she needs to deliver a speech in a ridiculous pumpkin costume. As the event starts, the meaning of the principal’s list is disclosed – it actually marks the number of places where the kids will be seated at the festival. What a confusion! And the pumpkin suit was all for nothing…