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Baby in Yellow 3

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Game information

Game title: Baby in Yellow 3

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The story of a demonic child and you as his baby sitter goes on. This is a first-person horror, where you are going to enter the house and make your way around it. The house is pretty large and there are numerous rooms out there. The dweller of this house is a small kid, who is a bit… strange. This not a usual baby-sitter simulator, but a creepy story that won’t leave horror fans indifferent. Very soon, after playing with the kid, you will notice that there is something wrong about him. In fact, you will see that he looks not like all kids. If you remember the first part of the game, you already know what to expect, but get ready for surprises, as well. He has more secrets than you can imagine. This child appears to be an embodiment of evil on Earth. The game and the main character in particular will remind you about iconic movies and books about demonic children and legends about antichrist. We bet that your knees are already shivering hard.
The realistic graphics of the game and detailed visuals allow you to see the rooms perfectly. The mansion includes numerous diverse environments and they are all different. Be careful and ready for everything – the more you dive into the plot and pass more levels, the more terrifying and strange the game will become. Are you ready to meet a hellish child? Then be careful – he is dangerous, so don’t frustrate him. Deep in his soul, the baby in yellow has demonic plans that will make your hair raise from fear. Make sure that you treat him good enough, or he can destroy you, the house, and even the entire world. Remember that you are dealing with a very unusual child with unknown and creepy origin. Stay alive after meeting a horrible child and try not to die until the day ends. Your chances are small, but do your best and stay alive if you can. Good luck – you will definitely need it.