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Baldi’s Basics Full Game

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Game information

Game title: Baldi’s Basics Full Game

Category: Baldi’s Basics
Game description:

Remember those terribly boring and complicated math classes at school? By the end of the lesson, your head simply cracks from numbers and formulas. You need to remember a lot of information, learn how to use it in practice and avoid mistakes in calculations, otherwise you can sit over a task for a long time, wondering why you can’t solve it. All this requires patience and perseverance not only from the students, but also from the teacher. After all, not everyone has inclination to math, and sometimes the material has to be explained several times. But Baldi is in no hurry to make his subject understandable to students. He doesn’t need this, because every mistake is an excuse for him to lose temper and arrange a bloody bath. This time it’s you who is going to suffer from his quick hand. But you didn’t wait until the aggressive teacher kicked the guts out of you. Having deftly slipped away from under his nose, you rushed through the school to save your skin. But can you escape from Baldi, who knows the campus much better than you and who has agents everywhere? Since Baldi has great authority, almost all the other characters in the location are in his team. They may look like ordinary students, just like you, but if they suddenly appear in your way trying to detain you, with threats or requests – know, if you fall for this bait, in a minute Baldi will be right there. So don’t linger anywhere, choose the most unexpected routes, cut off the road where possible. You can also distract Baldi’s attention – for example, by sneaking into the director’s office, turning on a tape in the recorder and rushing off. Your opponent will come running to the sound and will rummage around the room for a long time, and you’ll already be far away. Just don’t get caught by the director himself! He will send you into detention – you’ll be a sitting duck! If the energy leave you and you can’t keep running anymore, eat a snack you’ll find in your backpack. Outsmart Baldi and get out of school before he catches you!