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Bendy and the Ink Machine: 5 Chapter

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Game information

Game title: Bendy and the Ink Machine: 5 Chapter

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

The fourth chapter of the legendary horror survival game gets you back on following your grim trip into Joey Drew Studios. You need to keep investigating into your friend’s mystical disappearance and fend off the animated horrors lurking inside the studio. Perhaps you’ll be lucky to shed even more light on the mysteries of this strange place?

At the beginning of the game, you hear Henry’s voice that keeps saying the same words he did in the first chapter. Waking up beside the broken elevator, you walk down the corridor and see a sign pointing left and right. Where will you go? If you choose to turn left, you’ll stumble upon a locked door that has no handle. Once you find it, you need to return and go right to find the missing valve in the Management Office. That will let you into a room where you’ll discover a Bendy Statue surrounded by Lost Souls.

On the right, there is also a round rom called the Archives. Your task here is to locate five books – that is going to be quite easy cause they will be protruding out of the shelves – and insert them back. When you handle that, you’ll see the lights above the exit go on. While you are pushing the books, you will discover more details on what actually happened.

Pushing all books backs will make the door open and you’ll find yourself in a room that looks more like a pit with a bridge that lacks a gear to fix it. You can find it in a nearby corridor where you’ll come across a vat of Ink. Bring it to the bridge and insert it in the Ink Printer to select and produce the needed gear. That will activate a bridge cart that will take him to the Mineshalf filled with inky arms coming out of the wall and spooky whispers. You will also get to enter the Haunted House to rescue someone named Boris. We bet you can’t wait to set off on this creepy adventure, so why wasting your time? Start playing right now!