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Home Sweet Home

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Game information

Game title: Home Sweet Home

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

When people experience tragedies, everything changes for them. Not only the inner world can become different, but also the entire universe takes absolutely new shapes and colors. This is what happened to Tim, the main character of this game, a man who suffers from pain after losing his beloved wife. She has vanished one day and never came back. Tim couldn’t find her anywhere. The story is truly mysterious, because his wife didn’t seem to have any visible reasons to leave him that way. He is frustrated and worried about her. Is she alive? Where will she see her again? Will this happen?
One day, his sorrow goes too far. She wakes up inside of some unknown house. It doesn’t look any similar to his own and Tim has no idea how did he get here and how to get away. Leaving the house becomes not that simple – it is a tangled labyrinth, dark, and terrifying. When walking around the house and trying to find an exit door, Tim sees a ghost. This is a woman and she is chasing him! Scared to death, Tim tries to run away from the ghost. Who is this? Maybe, this spirit is a lost soul of his wife? However, it doesn’t behave like she did when she was alive. It is evil and cruel! Will Tim stay alive after a strange adventure like this? And why is here? You will find out the story behind this strange house as well as the reason why Tim is tuck inside. Also, the secret of the ghost will be unrevealed soon.
The main feature of this horror that makes it different from most other games you are used to is that is actually Asian! Asian horrors are the best, since they use ancient myths and folklore stories as a basis. And believe us, these plots are really creepy! Play the game right now – it is absolutely free and accessible online. Investigate a chilling story, solve the mysteries, and find out more about the connections between life and death.