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Brawl Stars 2019

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Game information

Game title: Brawl Stars 2019

Category: Brawl Stars Games
Game description:

When your favorite games get updates, this might be the best news you get. Brawl Stars’ developers don’t mark time after an incredibly successful launch of their masterpiece. They continue improving it and bringing something new to players to check out! So are you ready for a brand new version of your most favorite battle title? Then get into it! This time, you will have a chance to take part in various battles as you always did before. The modes are still available, so you can take part in any type of adventure you want. Getting your enemy’s valuable crystals while defending your own, defeating the opponents and receiving stars, capturing the enemy’s base or even playing football that features well-known Brawl Stars heroes – the number of options is endless. In the newest version, you will meet numerous new characters and take part in original campaigns! The new amazing skins are also waiting for you to try them on. So wait no longer – try it right now!