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Bubble Gum Simulator

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Game information

Game title: Bubble Gum Simulator

Category: Games Roblox
Game description:

A bubble gum can become an ultimate tool that will help you do literally everything: fly, travel, and even earn money. If you don’t believe us – check Bubble Gum Simulator and see. There you will make balloons of a bubble gum, flying here and there, discovering new fantastic places and earning valuable items to change them for coins later. Your tools can be improved and the amount of gum you use can also be adjusted. Bubbles here can do literally everything – with their help, you will jump higher and fly, exploring islands that are located on the clouds. There you will also find prizes – magical eggs, where different creatures sit. These creatures will become your pets and companions in the game. They vary in terms of rarity, have statistics and can be sold to other players for money. You are extremely lucky if you find a super-rare pet, however, this is not something that happens regularly. Also, there will be numerous tasks to complete. Make sure that you try hard, when accepting any challenge – your results will decide the size of a reward you are going to get in the end. The challenges become more complicated while you move.

Sell your stuff to others

The game allows you to communicate with other participants on the server and exchange goods with them. You may sell anything valuable you have found, including pets from the eggs. Remember, the rarer your pet is, the higher you can sell it (and the more people will be interested in buying it). Just check the menu in the right corner at the bottom of your screen to find all settings for trading.

Secret areas in the sky

Make sure that your bubble gum balloon is large and solid enough to help you fly really high. As we have already said, there are islands located on the clouds and discovering them is a really great idea. First, there are so many items to be found there, including magical eggs and jewelry. Second, it makes the game significantly more interesting. We believe that it is very motivating for a gamer, when there are secret locations and he or she needs to try really hard to find and reach them. The most persistent and courageous ones always receive nice rewards!