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Content Warning Online

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Game information

Game title: Content Warning Online

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Capture the Creep: A Team Venture

In Content Warning, teamwork is your lifeline as you plunge into the depths of the Old World, a submerged realm filled with horrors that defy the laws of nature. Each player crafts their digital persona using an innovative ASCII face customizer, adding a touch of whimsy to the grim task at hand. Armed with basic recording gear and essential survival tools, teams challenge themselves to capture the most unnerving phenomena on camera. The objective? Film the frights lurking in the deep—be it sinister relics or grotesquely animated creatures—before the team’s lifelines of oxygen and battery run dry.

Survival of the Scariest

The mechanics of survival are brutally simple yet intricately challenging. As the horrors intensify, so does the drain on your resources. Each session becomes a frantic dance of risk versus reward: film longer for better footage and more views, but risk losing it all to the darkness. Making it back to the diving bell with footage in hand is only half the victory. The real test begins when your eerie escapades hit SpöökTube, where the countdown of views determines your viral fate. Watching with bated breath as the digital counter climbs, teams will revel in their shared success or plot their next daring dive.

Gear Up, Go Viral

Post-mission, the game shifts focus from survival to stardom. The ad revenue from your spooky submissions funds your future frights. With each viral hit, teams unlock sophisticated upgrades: stronger flashlights to pierce the gloom, enhanced cameras for clearer captures, and even life-saving medical kits. Players strategize on gear investments that not only promise a longer life in the depths but also a richer return in views. Success breeds success, and in Content Warning, each spine-chilling adventure builds your reputation, propelling you from mere survivors to legends of the deep.