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Days Gone

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Game information

Game title: Days Gone

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Days Gone is a story that takes place in the deep forests of wild nature of Pacific Northwest. You are going to play as a hunter, whose main prey are never hairs, bears, or other animals. Instead, he is going to fight against creatures that are far more dangerous – zombies. Thousands, or even millions of undead are attacking and your mission is to defeat them and prevent them entering the towns and cities that lay beyond this strange forest. The game is ranked as a survival horror with a high emphasis on survival, of course. This won’t be easy, because the amount of attacking undead is enormous and you have to deal with them on your own. Hordes of them will try to kill you, but they are not your only enemies. The worst thing is that you have human opponents as well, so the number of those, who want to see you dead, is really striking.

One of the best and truly unique features of Days Gone is that the days are followed by nights here. The weather is also changing all the time. Sometimes, you will have to fight against zombies during a hard rain, and sometimes you will defeat them under a hot sun. This won’t interrupt your actions too much, however, the vision of the objects and environment might be worse, when the weather changes and the night comes. At the same time, this amazing idea provides players with a sense that the events that are happening are so real. Due to this, the atmosphere of the game is amazing, because you have a chance to outlive this horrifying adventure, not just play it. While the adventure is going to be really horrifying, because you will be followed by death and enemies on every centimeter of the ground. Each your step is risky and the threats are hiding behind the trees and bushes everywhere. Both the undead and living people, who are also your enemies, are equally dangerous and hostile. At some point, you will stop feeling the difference between cruel people and monsters. Maybe, this is what the game is trying to say. Cruelty is something that make people real monsters.