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Dere Evil Exe

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Game information

Game title: Dere Evil Exe

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Those appreciating a good mix of a captivating story and challenging gameplay should definitely give a shot to Deer Evil Exe! This unique platformer in retro style with multiple obstacles and tricky puzzles is packed into a horrifying thriller that can send shivers down your spine! Your character is a reticent little man called Knightly. This sprightly guy has to hop, race and use objects around him to succeed in his adrenaline-packed trip through a pixelated virtual reality. The chunky hills and surreal landscapes conceal mortal danger – monsters related to as ‘corruptions.’ They materialize into the deepest dreads of the girl who created this world. Taking the place of a grim observer, she enjoys watching her victim get more and more entangled in the cobweb of her illusionary design. Will you be able to overcome all the obstructions and avoid the traps she set up for you? Be alert and think fast! Act quickly, but weigh your every step. This amazing platformer will keep you glued to the screen for hours! If you are ready to test your courage and your reflexes, welcome!