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Detroit: Become Human

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Game information

Game title: Detroit: Become Human

Category: Adventure
Game description:

What does the future hold in store for the human race? This amazing game gives us a glimpse of how it all can be! In a not so distant future, in year 2038, production of androids is set up at full steam by a company named Cyperlife. The super tech robots are a great facilitation of everyday life. Global issues on Earth worsen: the quantity of population has reached 10 milliard, resources are running low, Russia and the US can start a war any time for their leftovers in Arctics. The peripeteia of the game unfold in Detroit. There are three characters you can play: Kara, Marcus and Connor. Kara is an android who becomes deviant because of cruel attitude of her owner. Marcus is the guide of local base of resistance called Jericho. Connor is a prototype developed by the manufacturer whose mission is to discover and kill deviants, but as the game proceeds it becomes obvious that he can be deviant himself. Deviants are robots with flawed software who start experiencing emotions and gaining their own free will, just like humans. The story features many unexpected twists bringing forth a vital dilemma: can we really synthesize human-like creatures without treating them as humans? How will you choose to behave within a conflict like that? Plunge into the futuristic robot saga and find out how it ends!