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Do Not Feed Monkeys 2

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Game information

Game title: Do Not Feed Monkeys 2

Category: Adventure
Game description:

An absolutely unique experience of joining a strange organization and trying to find out the secrets that stand behind it is something that is waiting for you in Do Not Feed Monkeys. If this description doesn’t seem too thrilling and crazy to you, then you should be aware of who actually the monkeys are. These are ordinary people who live in their flats and do their routine while you watch them with the help of various ways, including hidden cameras. What are the secrets of people who think that nobody can see them? Are they really similar to the monkeys that live in their natural habitat? You are the one to find out. Just don’t feed the monkeys! Who knows what can happen if you do. You will have to provide people from the organization with the results of your observations regularly and perform some tasks they will give you. This takes a lot of your time and effort but you should also remember that there is a life outside of the organization where you are a loser with low-paid job. The main thing that keeps you a member of such a weird organization is your will to learn what does this strange warning mean and what can happen if you will break the rule one day. Sometimes, watching strangers in their flats is really fun and interesting; sometimes it is absolutely boring and stupid; while sometimes it is just disgusting. Well, you got it: there is a plenty of perverted voyeurism here and the game is ranked 18+ for that reason (and not only that, but no spoilers). Do monkeys actually have any private life? Can they? Or maybe people turn into monkeys when they are living their private life? You will interact only with the surveillance technologies and cameras of all kinds but communicating with people is strictly prohibited.