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Duck Season

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Game information

Game title: Duck Season

Category: Steam , Survival Horror
Game description:

If you are old enough, then you must remember a game of your childhood that have certainly impressed you. All children of 90s were impressed by this game because it went beyond the screen. If you didn’t guess yet, we are talking about Duck Hunt, a funny and super-advanced (for those old times) title. You had a gun, the one that looks like a real weapon, switched to your TV set. The ducks were flying on the screen and you had to shoot them. The most memorable moment of the game was a laughing dog, who mocked you and made fun of you when you missed. Well, for modern children this story won’t seem like anything special, but the elder ones remember…

Duck Season is a game inspired by Duck Hunt. The story is simple: you and your mom are having a vacation and she decided to gladden you. The coolest console is now at your disposal and you are welcome to spend a whole day playing games. You find the hunting game from early 90s and decide to try it out. Very soon, you will realize that something is not okay with this cartridge. The entire atmosphere is pretty anxious and you will feel that things will go wrong very soon all the time. However, when they do go wrong, you are absolutely horrified: the characters from the game, namely that ridiculous mocking dog, come out of the screen and meet you in the real world. You are unlucky, because they are not very friendly. As such, a nice slice of nostalgia becomes a bit strange and creepy when your sweet memories become covered with horror and panic. Such a feeling is something really unique and you won’t find it in any other game. The developers did their best to provide you with the best possible palette of emotions, so try now. The game is free!