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Dynamic Pixels

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Game information

Game title: Dynamic Pixels

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Good tidings for the gamers! In summer 2017, the company Dynamic Pixels is going to release the continuation of a popular game Hello Neighbor. This will be Alpha 2. Dynamic Pixels is a famous developer of games of different genres. The company is always targeted at creating games that would be interesting for all types of gamers.

Alpha 2 is a game of multiple genres. These are adventure, indie and strategy. Of course, the novel version of the game-ancestor is upgraded. It has three novel items, which would sufficiently improve the game. Though the puzzle may seem pretty easy at first glance, it will turn out different when trying to win it. Your main task is to penetrate the house of your neighbor and find out all the secrets he hides there. Secrets or traps for curious and uninvited guests? Bear in mind that he is suspicious and very careful as well. So, it will be extremely exciting and thrilling to know that you are poised to be revealed any time you drop guard.