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Escape The Ayuwoki

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Game information

Game title: Escape The Ayuwoki

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

You are locked in a mansion, dark and gloomy. To leave this place, you should find the special key that can open the door and let you out of here. Both key and door are red, so you won’t get confused. However, everything is not that simple as it seems. You are not alone in that mansion. Ayuwoki, a horrible ancient evil spirit, lives here. He can feel you and hear you, so avoiding his claws will be a complicated task. Gladly, the mansion is full of furniture and old stuff, so you can use the niches in the space to hide. There are beds and tablets, where you can find a shelter. What is more, you can run to the basement and hide there for a while. These are so called blind spots, places where the monster cannot reach. There is a small picture of an eye located in the corner of your screen. When the eye is crossed, it means that you are safe. If it is not crossed by a line, then you are still visible to the demon and he will reach you soon. Make sure that you track this small icon, when you are in great danger and try to save your life. Don’t worry – the game is quite friendly to the users and provides guidelines, so you will learn how to hide and save your life easily.

Ayuwoki is fast and has an ear for your every move. It’s not just your character’s steps that he can hear. The game connects to your mic and the monster hear not just a character, but you. This adds a very frightening effect to the game – you have a real sense that Ayuwoki is chasing you for real. Well, he is. Of course, you can disable the mic, but we recommend you to give it a try. This is a pretty unique feature that we have never seen in other horror games about escaping. Ayuwoki will kill you in a very violent and bloody way if he finds you. Actually, the title features a lot of terrifying scenes of dead bodies and gore, so if you are not okay with a cruelty like that, then you should avoid playing this one.