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Red Dead Redemption 3

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Game information

Game title: Red Dead Redemption 3

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

The saga of wild west continues and now you can check the third part of the Red Dead Redemption, a marvelous and deep story about western gangsters. All the parts of the franchise are connected by a theme of wild west adventures, where not only the outer dangers like other gangs and police are following the characters. The unique feature of RDR is that developers created a game that reminds of a movie. There is more than one layer in this title, since players are offered not only to ride horses and shoot their guns, but get an insight into the inner world of the main character. What should Arthur, a gang leader, do with the gang that seems to be ruining from within? He has inner conflict about staying loyal to the rules of a gang and following his own interests. This time, the developers did everything to save such a great balance between action and drama.

What exactly is waiting for you in this part? Is it a prequel? If it is, you will learn that the problems were following these people during their entire life and discover the reasons of the conflicts that have occurred later. The location remains as it was – the lands of the wild west, dangerous and beautiful. If it not a prequel, but a brand new story, you will immerse yourself in a no less emotional and interesting story. In both cases, the character development will please you again for sure.