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Evil Nun

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Game information

Game title: Evil Nun

Category: Evil Nun
Game description:

The game Evil Nun is all about classical survival horrors: there is a hostile creature, that prevents you from leaving a nightmarish school. You play as a kid trapped in a horrible place and chased by a spawn of hell. The reason for your imprisonment is not that trivial: you are an important element of the satanic ceremony and the evil nun cannot perform it without your participation. It is most likely that you want to stay away from that party.The gameplay is clear here: you move around with a joystick displayed on your screen and interact with the environment pushing the left-right buttons. Pay attention to the crouch-button on your left – this one will help you to move quietly and avoid traps. Just like in any other game of that kind, you will solve puzzles on your way to the daylight. Try not to make any sounds. If you do, the evil nun will hear you and run at your direction with an amazingly high speed. Once this monster catches you, everything will start all over again. This title is one of the creepiest of the genre and we bet it will jump-scare you more than a few times. The visuals and sound are also amazing since they add more fear to your playing experience.