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Hello Neighbor Beta 2

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Game information

Game title: Hello Neighbor Beta 2

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

Very little number of people on the Earth can boast that they have lived their entire life in one place, others move from time to time into different apartments. When you see your new house, you think mostly about conveniences, like modern accommodations or proximity to work, but you know very little about your neighbors. You expect them to be quiet and peaceful, but what if some of them is a maniac, baring his secrets deep inside the basement? A new game Hello, Neighbor Beta 2 gives you an opportunity to reveal the mystery and stay alive. Your new neighbor is very unusual, because he gets angry, when he sees anyone, who is trying to get into his house. You feel that there is something mysterious about it, and you want to get to know what is hiding in his basement. You can get there only after you explore the house, but it very difficult, because you have no plan of the apartment. You need to know that your every mistake will make your opponent stronger and cleverer, so you need to be careful, and make no errors. The AI works completely perfect, so in this game time works against you, because the longer you pay – the smarter your rival becomes. Well, this sounds rather scary, especially if you know that there are a lot of traps you may get into. You can make every object work for you, and you should make your mind about you how you can use it for your benefit.

Your neighbor follows your steps, and he knows what you will do next, so he can use other supplies, because he knows, where the best ones are. This is a horror game, and you feel this tension from the very beginning. What things are hiding there in the basement? Is this a usual house, where you host doesn’t like to communicate with other, or he is a real maniac, and you were right? Well, you don’t know the answer, until you go through all these difficulties and die a couple of times, while trying to get the answer. Learn to orient in a strange place, and become the best neighbor in the district by revealing a real maniac in your neighborhood. Be brave, and don’t step back, whenever you see the first trouble.