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Fall Guys

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Game information

Game title: Fall Guys

Category: Sports Games
Game description:

Fall Guys is a collection of mini-games in which players compete against each other in insanely silly contests. During the match, they have to go through several trials, each reducing the number of participants. At the beginning there are 60 of them, but after the first round, say, 20 players are eliminated, then another 15 – and so on until there are less than a dozen people left in the final match. Are you ready to compete for the crown of the winner?

Challenges are of two types: races and arenas. In races, players must run from start to finish, overcoming various obstacles. Here the winners are those who are among the first to cross the finish line. How about trying a track with rotating platforms and another one with rows of real and false doors? They need to be opened on the run by jumping at them with your whole body. It’s very funny to watch your character fly into a blank wall and then hurry to squeeze through the real door shoving off other players!

When you enter the arena, the participants are given a variety of tasks. It can be, for example, football, where the players, divided into teams, try to drive the ball into the opponent’s goal. The losing team is eliminated from the contest. There are also maps with rings that you have to jump into, like in a circus, to earn points for your team. Or a map with platforms located one above the other and consist of collapsing cells. Here you need to hold out longer than your opponents, while the platforms literally disappear under your feet!

Fall Guys is all about fun. The runs are short and chaotic, the picture is bright, and the animations and ridiculous falls are hilarious. The rules of the trials are simple and intuitive, and even defeats won’t frustrate you. A few seconds of waiting – and now your jelly man is already participating in a new competition. You don’t need to use any cunning tactics, everyone is on an equal footing. Playing this game is guaranteed to give you tons of positive emotions and raise your mood fro the rest of the day. Plunge into this world of madness and fun right now!