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Feed and Grow: Fish

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Game information

Game title: Feed and Grow: Fish

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Feed and Grow Fish is a fascinating growth simulator in which the player has to raise a big and dangerous fish capable of eating everyone on the map. You’ll start out as a small fish that will have to feed on even smaller dwellers of the underwater world to grow and evolve. And even though there are plenty of such games in the internet, Feed and Grow is performed simply amazingly! It will stun you with beautiful 3D graphics, astonishing seascapes and creatures living on the sea bottom, realistic controls, interesting upgrade system and a lot more! Feed your fish well for it to become ever bigger and stronger, but beware of larger fishes that can pose a danger to you! Until you reach a certain size, it’s better to stay in the shadow. But when you grow big enough, nobody will be able to stop you!