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Party Animals

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Game information

Game title: Party Animals

Category: Fighting Games
Game description:

There is something special in watching cute creatures going mad and extremely violent! We all love that contrast since the game Gang Beasts was released. The developers of this wonderful title are here to gladden us with another great game – Party Animals, the one that reminds Gang Beasts, only cuter and more advanced when it comes to graphics and physics. The wrestling teddy bears, dogs, cats, and dragons look like stuffed toys and move in the same way. They are here to fight for a sweet jelly bear and they are ready for everything to get it. Are you ready to join and become one of these soft and adorable guys with really tough personality? Then you are welcome to Party Animals.
The game features great realistic physics that make cute animals look and move clumsily and naturally. You will see them brawling around and trying to beat the opponents in order to receive the main reward – a piece of marmalade. The game is a kind of a battle royale, which means that you are going to fight until the very end, when the only one furry warrior stays standing. Will this lucky and strong one be you? Enter the game and you will see! The game provides you with numerous levels and different arenas that have their own peculiarities. Also, there are numerous ways to deal with your enemies, using various types of weapons and tricks. Not only you can attack and defend, but also make traps for your opponents. The competition is tough, because the stakes are high – a huge gummy bear will become yours only if you will defeat all the other animals who want it, as well.
If the game Gang Beasts is on your top list, then Party Animals will definitely come to your liking, too. The first reason – everyone loves cute and furry animals. Second, the game is pretty diverse and exciting for this pretty restricted genre. The developers have prepared different formats of battles where you will do different stuff to beat your enemies down and finally win. If you have been looking for the most exciting, recreating, and funny game for your weekend – then you are lucky enough to find Party Animals! Enter the game and play it for free online on our website. Right here and right now!