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Fireboy and Watergirl for Two Player

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Game information

Game title: Fireboy and Watergirl for Two Player

Game description:

One more character is now available in the famous series about Fireboy and Watergirl! Logically, his element is earth and he is a Greenboy. Now you have to take care about more creatures, so different but so cute. If you think that such a diversity can only cause problems, well, you will be surprised what a great team they can make, if treated smartly. Indeed, you will have to watch them carefully, helping every character avoid something that can destroy him or her. At the same time, their weak sides can also be perceived as strong sides. Watergirl cannot enter a lake of fire, because this will defeat her. At the same time, she feels pretty good when entering a water lake. And the same principle works with all the rest. Places that are locked for one character are perfect for the other one, so you will have to invent combinations and control them in a correct manner. Sometimes, you will have to use just one character to make the way to a door that lets you enter another stage. Once you do it, the others will easily follow him. Solve puzzles and gather prizes on your way. But remember, the prizes are also different and can be picked by particular creatures. Pay attention to the colors and you won’t get confused. In general, you will have to be attentive to every detail while you play. Cooperation and attention make the key to success here.