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Fortnite Dance Challenge

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Game information

Game title: Fortnite Dance Challenge

Category: Fortnite
Game description:

One of the biggest sensations in world of survival simulators is called Fortnite (and both of its modes: Battle Royale & Save the World). The Save the World version is available for consoles and PCs, while Battle Royale can also be played on mobile devices. An extremely popular Battle Royale gathers a hundred of players on a map and collides them against each other. Players can fight on their own as well as unite in couples and groups of four. The main aim is to stay alive until the end and the last survival wins the battle. The territory of the struggle is diminishing all the time and therefore the map becomes smaller, which makes the confrontations between players more frequent and dangerous. The game offers an amazing weapon arsenal, however, the violence there is not bloody and doesn’t look gory or cruel. Also, there is a number of objects and items available for in-game purchase, most of which are decorative. The players are very much encouraged to use their strategic and creative thinking skills, work in the team, and plan their actions ahead.