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Gacha Life 3

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Game information

Game title: Gacha Life 3

Category: Gacha Life
Game description:

A well-thought dress-up title that is actually much more than a classical one is Gacha Life. In most titles of that kind, you usually have a limited number of clothes to choose from – you just dress a lifeless doll up and… nothing happens, you can choose another lifeless doll to dress up and this never ends. When you play Gacha, everything is quite different. Well, yes, you will also have to dress up some dolls – they are cute-looking anime characters made in a chibi style (it means that they look like children). Choose one and start your dressing work.

Here you have a great deal of choices – there are about 20 various slots to try on, so you can customize literally any part of your character. First, you are expected to pick an outfit. Think about the one that fits your character’s appearance – its body, eyes, hairstyle, the colors, etc. Make sure to pick the one that looks really great and naturally. Or you can try something contrasting – this might be a great idea as well. Then you are welcome to choose various accessories – these are the items your character usually keeps by his or her side everywhere he or she goes. From something banal like backpacks and bags, to swords and bows, you can choose anything and make your hero look truly unique. And maybe a bit strange, why not. Make your character look awesome and see him or her become really alive, because the title has a story mode, where you can outlive some episodes or invent you own. The greatest thing about the way characters can behave is that they are not as static as you might have suggested. While they are 2d anime characters from a simple dress up game, they can become actors of a real visual novel. They can jump, dance, fight or just look at each other when there is an awkward moment in a conversation. Try it out and you will see how a dress up title can be expanded!