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Garry’s Mod FNAF

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Game information

Game title: Garry’s Mod FNAF

Category: Multiplayer , Garry's Mod
Game description:

Behold, now your favorite Garry’s Mod is available for more than three players simultaneously, so grab your palls and get into the game now! Beware of the dozens of traps and challenges you will face. However, these are nothing comparing to the bosses that will try to beat you and your team down. You cannot allow this to happen, can you? Oh, and remember that these bosses are all played by other users, so you can become one as well. When you do, this will be the ending of the game, since it means that you are now a winner. Until you manage to become a boss, you will have to apply all of your best efforts to survive and this won’t be an easy task. Have a nice journey!