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Google Game 2018

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Game information

Game title: Google Game 2018

Category: Adventure
Game description:

In a case you want to play some easy games without the necessity to buy and install them, but, at the same time, in a legal way, you should try typing in the Google search engine “Google Game 2017”. You will be offered the list of available Google games in 2017. This list mostly focuses on classic arcade games from the video game machines that were so popular in the 80s. You can play Atari: Breakout, Pacman, Zerg Rush, T-Rex Game, Flappy Droid (remember the Android’s hit Flappy Bird?), Smarty Pins (you should have Google Maps installed on your device if you want to play this game), Google Earth Flight Simulator (just right under the tools menu), classic Snake game, Guess-the-Google (education quiz), and Moon Lander where you can become a real pilot. The list regularly updates with new titles.