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Granny Nightmare Mode

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Game information

Game title: Granny Nightmare Mode

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Granny is here again! Didn’t you have enough scare with her before? Well, then you need to try a new mod… a Nightmare mod. This is not just another level of difficulty, but a whole mod, so get prepared. The walls and floor are all covered with bool here and this is absolutely terrifying. The floor is not only creaking but also champing in a very strange way. No wonder – it is all covered with blood of Granny’s victims! Try not to become the next one. The outlook of the new mod will surely make you feel uncomfortable but we bet that you will love it. Again, run away from this crazy old lady as fast as you can, since she has a stick in her hand and she will beat you to death if she catches you. Make no noise and hide under the bed or anywhere else to avoid Granny’s anger. This won’t be easy, but we know that were waiting for this, our dear horror-lover! Granny grows some ugly plants in her basement and they have teeth and claws, so watch your step. Gladly, you can find a wooden bat in a room, so don’t be shy to punch her hard for all things she did. By the way, this one is a Christmas version, so Granny has a Santa hat. Can you imagine if she was Santa Claus? This doesn’t make her look any friendlier, though.