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Game information

Game title: Grounded

Category: Survival
Game description:

What do we know about the insect world? Only what we saw in scientific programs. It is hidden from our eyes, because we don’t peer into small details. And the few times we really notice tiny life boiling around us are when a nasty spider suddenly descends on our shoulder or a beautiful butterfly flies off a flower right in front of us. But in fact, the realm of insects is much richer and more diverse. Get to know it closer in Grounded!

Here you will become smaller – much smaller – than your normal height and turn a tiny man the size of an ant. Grasshoppers, dragonflies and various beetles will be real giants compared to you! Among all these monsters you will have to live. Or more precisely, to survive. You will get acquainted with a whole new world where everything is not the same as you are used to. It will be necessary to look for new sources of food and heat, secluded shelters where you can hide from bad weather or an aggressive predator. And you won’t be left without crafting – collecting bits of sand, blades of grass and small sticks, you can create everything you need for your comfort and safety, from weapons for self-defense to a bed on which you can sleep sweetly, as in those days when you were still a human.

You don’t necessarily have to play alone – there is multiplayer here where you can team up with friends and withstand the hardships as a team. After all, it’s easier to face the dangers together and help each other in the time of need. But be careful: some players may not be friendly at all, and then you will have to fight with them on an equal footing with other enemies!