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Happy Wheels 2020

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Game information

Game title: Happy Wheels 2020

Category: Games 2020 , Happy Wheels
Game description:

If you are fascinated with wild, furious races and aren’t afraid of dark, evil jokes – welcome to Happy Wheels 2020! Danger, rivers of blood and an endless series of dissections – this is what this mad game is about. Here you’ll be able to fully quench your thirst of extreme and find yourself in truly dangerous situations. It all started with a loony old man in the wheelchair recklessly rolling down the street in his wacky transport and causing all kinds of trouble in the traffic. Later more characters were added, including a man on a one-wheeler and a stout woman with a shopping cart. In the new version there are even more unusual characters and vehicles that seem completely unsuitable for races! You are going to drive through the most unimaginable locations full of tricky challenges and traps. Each mile of your path will be mortally dangerous and the tension will grow faster than you can get used to it. Excellent reflexes and good driving skills will definitely help you. But it doesn’t matter if you lose a wheel or even a leg on your way to the end of the level. As long as you can ride, walk or even crawl, you still have a chance to win. Play Happy Wheels 2020 online and discover all the insane thrill of this bloody game!