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Hello Guest

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Game information

Game title: Hello Guest

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

If you already played Hello Neighbor, you’ll be aware with the concept of its new hot spin-off, Hello Guest! Only this time you won’t be the one breaking into the house of another person – instead, you will guard the amusement park at night against a mysterious monster with a huge beak who appears after dark. Now it’s you who has to stop the intruder and it’s no easier than exploring your neighbor’s mansion trying not to catch his eye! Because instead of chasing the uninvited visitor, you have to hide from him!

Just like the antagonist of the original game, the monster from Hello Guest learns on your actions. It’s not just a mindless bot, it’s a complex AI that remembers your routes and tactics and is capable of predicting your further moves based on what you’ve already been doing so far. This creepy being can be taught to overcome obstacles, dodge traps and effectively drive you into a corner. That means, if you want to succeed, you must come up with new plans over and over. Avoid following the same pattern – you’ll become an easy prey. Turn on your ingenuity, use non-standard solutions and try to outsmart your night guest. This creature is clearly bigger and stronger than you, but it has its weak sides – for instance, it can’t stand light and will run away even from something as small as the flashlight you have in your hands.

In the process of confronting the supernatural visitor, you’ll also learn more about the place you work at. What is this park? Who is this monster? Is there any connection between them? If you want to know the answers, you have to carefully explore the entire location in search of clues. And of course, stay alive until the break of dawn! Otherwise your findings won’t matter, your dead body won’t be able to share what you’ve discovered with anyone… Enjoy the adrenaline-packed gameplay of Hello Guest and try not to get scared!