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Game information

Game title: 2

Category: .io Games
Game description:

Playing 2, you are controlling a quadrate that moves on the board. The board has limited proportions and our main aim is to beset the larger part of the surface. You can control the quadrate by moving your finger in the direction you want to it to go. Be aware that quadrates are moving only along the lines of the frontiers of the board. When the quadrate moves, it leaves the trace of its own color, only lighter. Once you have already occupied a part of the surface, you will see it colored. A player should control the trace left by a quadrate and link the already occupied areas together, therefore getting control of the large part of the surface. 2 is a game for one player who is competing with other characters. The game doesn’t need an Internet connection. Be aware that a quadrate can be destroyed if the other quadrate meets its trace. If your quadrate is destroyed, the conquered surface and the quadrate itself vanish. Also, you can accidentally destroy your quadrate if you meet your own tail or hit the borders.