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Hello Neighbor Beta 3

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Game information

Game title: Hello Neighbor Beta 3

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

How often do you travel? How often do you change places of living? Are you always happy for the neighbors you get? Our character has just moved into a new apartment into a new district, and he knows nobody in this place. He tries to make friends with everyone around him, but one neighbor is very strange, and your character wants to know more about him. He hears strange sounds from neighbor’s basement, and he will reveal this secret, or die, in  new part Hello Neighbor Beta 3. This is a horror story, and you will see this from the very beginning. You decide to learn whether your neighbor really has a secret, or it is a play of your imagination, and you are ready to do everything it takes. You have no idea how to orient in your neighbor’s house, and you will do several mistakes while exploring it. Remember that your every mistake will make your enemy smarter, because this is how AI works. You need to visit every room, because you don’t know which door leads to the basement. You should be very careful, because the house is full of traps that confirm that the neighbor isn’t friendly at all.

You will see the sign that shows you that you follow the right direction. If you make the wrong step, you will be punished, and your neighbor may kill you, because it will be his self-defense, and he will get away with this. You don’t want to give him any chance, do you? You need to know that you may use any type of furniture the way you want, making the trap for your neighbor, who is following your steps. The longer you play – the smarter your rival becomes, so speed means a lot in Hello, Neighbor. A clever enemy that may easily outwit you, what can be more challenging and more interesting? This game is very unpredictable, you have no plan, and everything depends only on your ability to act quickly and without any repose. Watch your steps, avoid traps and try to be smarter than your neighbor and try to get into the basement. Reveal the secret it is hiding, and you will become the hero of your neighborhood!