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Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

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Game information

Game title: Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Category: Racing
Game description:

An infinite loop for extreme racing is a real challenge! Except this challenge and find yourself on a legendary track of famous Hot Wheels, the best driving title of the last decade. Here you will get an access to the most prominent cars of the game series and gather an entire collection of them These machines are the real monsters of speed and thrill – advanced, fast, incredibly powerful, and really beautiful. The more cars you gather and the more you tune and improve them, the more chances you have to win the final race and become the leader of Hot Wheels. While the previous games of this franchise were extremely successful and cool, this one is a real hit. You have never experienced anything as cool as that and being a fan of racing games, you should try this title right now.

The main unique feature of the presented game is that you will ride along an infinite track. This is a really new approach to Hot Wheels racing and you will find yourself in an absolutely original environment, still no less thrilling than all traditional games of the series. You will perform dangerous and breathtaking tricks, show the miracles of smart maneuvers, and collide with other cars to crush them in pieces. Mind that your most spectacular moves will make you a real champion and the legend of the racing world! Considering the fact that this one is a multiplayer racing game, you will meet players from all over the world on the track. You will share the same road with eight other gamers and try to beat them down in the real time. Take part in various competitions, tournaments, and championships to win amazing prizes! You can challenge particular players and participate in a real severe speedy fight. Call your friends and see who is the real racer!

You will make your way to the leadership board by crushing and destroying your opponents. The other cars are nothing to you – feel free to turn them into trash! However, be ready that your enemies might be cunning and smart, so they will try to do the same to you! Avoid their traps and potentially dangerous spots of the track. Make your speed maximal and rush forward, forgetting about your competitors and making your way to finish before anyone else. You will have to make courageous steps – don’t be afraid to let your car ride with the highest possible speed. Good luck in your Hot Wheels competition! This race is going to be hot indeed!