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Ice Scream 5

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Game information

Game title: Ice Scream 5

Game description:

We bet that kids will agree – both circus and ice cream are great! However, what would you say if the ice cream seller would turn to be a maniac, while a circus clown appeared as a violent killer? In such case, this would be your most horrible nightmare. In the fifth part of Ice Cream horror, you are going to meet both of them and, of course, oppose them if you can. The creepiest expectations are going to become reality now, because you will have to fight against two horrible enemies at the same time and both are equally tricky and scary.
The ice cream seller Rod is back to the city, but he is not alone here this time. Rod has a friend with him and this guy is no less horrible and ugly than he is. So are you ready to meet these striking monsters in one game? Do you have that something to deal with both? Hope, you do! This is going to be a severe fight, so be ready. The game will propose weapons that are finally available for the main character! This means that you can deal with the horrible enemies now, beating them down or at least making them unable to move. The game is stuffed with various combat scenes as well as the puzzles that are not that easy to solve when two horrible monsters – Rod and his buddy clown – are following you, wherever you are.