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Swing Star

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Game information

Game title: Swing Star

Category: Stickman
Game description:

Swinging on a fat-rope is amazing, but it can be dangerous as well. When you go in for such an extreme sport in the real life, you can fall down and hurt yourself. However, there is an amazing digital version of such an entertainment called Swing Star! Now you can do all the tricks on the ropes without worries! A digital character can bounce from one fat-rope to another and who cares if he falls down – you can always start a game from the beginning. It is very simple, you won’t have to do anything but swinging and bouncing from one part of the screen to another. As you move on, the levels will become more complicated, so be careful and attentive! Swing Star game is available on this website and you can play this game whenever you want absolutely for free. Have fun!