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Narcos Idle Cartel

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Game information

Game title: Narcos Idle Cartel

Category: Idle Games
Game description:

Have you ever heard the name of El Patron? Hardy because he prefers to stay in the shadow. But he is actually one of the most influential people in the world – after all, he runs the biggest narco cartel out there. In this game you will find out what it’s like and learn more about Pablo Escobar, his past and background and how he got to selling drugs as a means of earning money!

 Building an illegal business like that is a dangerous and responsible task. It’s important to hire skillful and faithful people that will flawlessly do their job and won’t let you down. They will run your dirty errands and your hands will remain clean, you will just count the cash! However, you need to carefully monitor every aspect of your business, from producing the drugs to distributing them and calculating the profits.

 You will be hiring people who will create the product, spread it among sellers and clients, bring in the money. There are plenty of exciting missions and events waiting for you! Can you create a successful drug empire and become a real narco magnate? Play Narcos: Idle Cartel, evolve your business and increase your wealth with every click you make!