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It Chapter 3

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Game information

Game title: It Chapter 3

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The horror of a city that became a home for a monstrous clown continues. If you want to experience how the main hero of Stephen King’s story feels, then welcome to this game. Here you will find yourself in a gloomy town of where Pennywise (this how the clown is called) is chasing his victims. You will hear his laughter anywhere you go and he will appear in the most unexpected places frightening you to death. The game is relatively simple – you have to move around different locations and solve various puzzles that will help you open new levels and find out more about the ancient evil that is following you. However, with time, the puzzles will become more and more advanced, while the presence of a violent clown will make the solving process even more complicated.

The main is to stay away from the clown as long as you can. He will try to catch you and this the last thing you want to happen. As you have already guessed, the clown tortures and kills his victims once he puts his paws on them. And the most favorite victims surely are small innocent children just like you. Become a real character of the legendary game and the most famous King’s novel ever. Do your best and try to avoid collisions with the clown – this can become the last thing you will see in your life.