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The Henry Stickmin Collection

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Game information

Game title: The Henry Stickmin Collection

Category: Stickman
Game description:

Look at this nonchalant guy. This is Henry and he is the worst pain in the ass you’ve ever seen. This cartoonish dude just can’t relax and simply enjoy a calm life. He constantly needs to poke his nose in trouble. And he is an expert at finding it! Wherever he goes, you can expect something totally insane to happen. Are you willing to join him on his crazy adventures? Then welcome to The Henry Stickmin Collection!

This story includes six mini-games covering different scenarios. But there is one thing uniting them – everywhere you are free to make your own decisions. Yes, you won’t be dragged along by the storyline anymore. The plot has plenty of directions it can go and each choice of yours can lead to different consequences. It’s up to you whether you’ll return home safely or end up in mortal danger! Don’t worry, nothing really threatens our hero. Despite all the hardships he is going through, he will always be back safe and sound. So don’t be afraid to make a wrong choice. After all, we learn from our mistakes!

So what choices exactly will our character be making? Whenever you are in a fix, you can either call forth a teleport or rely on your friend named Charlie. It’s up to you to decide. But you can never predict what is going to happen the next moment. You can only discover it by choosing blindly and that’s exactly what makes The Henry Stickmin Collection so thrilling! The game isn’t very long, so it won’t take you a lot of time to pass it. Enjoy this new and exciting experience and participate in the goofy adventures of our reckless character online on your smartphone!