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It: Chapter Two

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Game information

Game title: It: Chapter Two

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Clowns. They are supposed to be funny, kind, silly, and nice at all respects. However, most children start crying when a clown tries to play with them! That’s a strange phenomenon: clowns freak us out and we are really afraid of them for some mysterious reasons. It’s really hard to find out the reasons for that, but we are not going to, actually. Let’s leave this task to psychologists! Now we present a second part of It game, where you will rather find yourself in the middle of a horror story about the clown. This one is a really a kind of clown you should be afraid of. It’s not like you have some childhood memories and traumas connected with clowns and being frighten by them. This clown is a real monster and he is here to kill.

The game will put you in a city that is terrorized by a serial killer in the costume of a clown. However, it is very likely that this creature is not a human – he doesn’t really look like one. The name It is here for a reason, because the main enemy you are going to meet in a game cannot be called something in particular. This is an embodiment of pure evil, cruelty, and desire to kill and torture. His main victims are young children and – uh-oh! – you are exactly a perfect option. The clown will be hunting you and you will have to hide and run away. The only aim is to survive at all costs! He is fast and has inhumane skills, so you will have a really creepy and hard times trying to get out from there. If the clown catches you, the game will end because you will actually die. Only the headings of the newspapers will tell a story of a young boy who has disappeared one fine day… and only his body was found near the river. This is something you really don’t want to happen! So do your best and get out from a clown as fast as you can. Unfortunately, you don’t have any weapons to kill the monster. We bet that you will regret that you don’t have a gun and a couple of bullets during the game.