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Journey to the Savage Planet

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Game information

Game title: Journey to the Savage Planet

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Wake up on the board of a cosmic ship that has landed on the unknown distant planet. You will have to investigate this mysterious place, getting acquainted with local creatures, discovering the flora, and retrieving resources for your research project and survival. Gladly, you don’t have to dig the earth or climb on the trees to get them – you have a perfect tool for resources production and this is a 3D printer. Using it, you will create various elements and materials to put them in your bottomless pocket. The game doesn’t force you to survive at all costs – yes, you will need to do something to make a living, but there are no gloomy dangers and pressing atmosphere. No “surviving at all costs” and “the humanity will die if you will fail the mission.” Gladly, the atmosphere and tone of the game have nothing in common with most of cosmic adventures that include investigation and survival elements.