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Jurassic World Evolution 2018

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Game information

Game title: Jurassic World Evolution 2018

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Set foot in the legendary prehistoric park inhabited by dinosaurs! The game spans five islands, one of them designed as an open sandbox. On each of these islands, according to the conditions of the mission (frequent storms, lack of space, financial difficulties) you have to set up a successful enterprise. The progress follows three criteria – science, entertainment and safety. Certain departments will give you tasks that will help you gain access to new pets, buildings, researches and, of course, money. The dinosaurs won’t breed on their own – you need to create them in the lab having deciphered at least 50% of the gene code. DNA samples are withdrawn from the findings of paleontological expeditions and the more you succeed in exploring the structure the stronger and bigger creatures you will be able to produce. Your park will be visited by people eager to stare at the giant lizards. But remember, dinosaurs are capricious creatures. If something doesn’t suit them… well, you watched the movies.