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Troll Face Quest Horror

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Game information

Game title: Troll Face Quest Horror

Category: Trollface
Game description:

Those who like evil humor and scary movies will become fans of the Troll Face Quest Horror game for sure. This title combines everything you love and demonstrates a funny kaleidoscope of horror! It is all about serial murderers, madmen, ghosts, and other beasts of cruelty. And by the way, you can play any of them. It is seasoned with black jokes really generously, too. Also, you will find a great number of references to horror films and games. There is a lot of crazy episodes that reecho memorable moments from the best masterworks of the genre. Actually, every level coincides witha particular popular story or movie and involves you in side-splitting parodies. Graphics and sound are as amazing as the humor and so are the puzzles you will find in Troll Face Quest.
As you have already guessed, your main activity in this title is trolling, which means turning any situation in a joke. The less appropriate your jokes are, the funnier and crazier your playing experience will feel like! Gremlins, zombies and Frankenstein will interact with you for this aim during the entire game. Troll Face Horror is a part of the series released by the Spil Games studio. They have already pleased thousands of gamers with amazing products and are not going to scale back in terms of quality and uniqueness. If you have already played at least one of the titles in the series, you will recognize the gameplay and visuals because they have not changed. The game comes for free but includes a lot of ads, which can be banned for 4 dollars and there are no other paid offers. However, the ads won’t interfere your playing and will only appear between the levels and never while you play.