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Kick the Buddy 2019

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Game information

Game title: Kick the Buddy 2019

Category: Kick the Buddy
Game description:

Have no mercy to that smiling little guy – he is longing for a good kick from you! Hey, there are rifles and shotguns to make some holes in him, so be precise to pepper this annoying little fellow. If you are fond of cold steel arms, well, then take a knife or an axe to piecemeal him. And the weapon for real appraisers – a nuclear bomb! Just imagine a small ragdoll that gets a hit of that kind. The second part of a famous Kick the Buddy is a perfect way to throw a tantrum a little bit and get rid of your anger without doing any harm. What if you think about this game as if it was not just senseless violence over a small doll, but a training for him? Pain will make him stronger! Remember that? Something that doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. Now you have a chance to see how this famous aphorism works in practice. Torturing a useless doll to force him become the mightiest hero of all times is just something you have been looking for.

By the way, to become a really professional torturer, you have a spiritual teacher now. His name is Kick-san and he is a wise and experienced sensei, who knows everything about tough practices and their connection to the mental development. Why not? Use the tips of sensei to make it even better and funnier. In this part of the series, you will not only hurt the doll, but also receive interesting missions and thrilling tasks, so the well-known title now gets an expansion and significant improvement of gameplay. You will improve your torturing skills and receive more amazing weapons to try them in action. Nobody can prevent you from become a number one kicker! Don’t miss your chance to check the new arsenal of weapons, perfect artwork, incredible missions, realistic sounds, physics and improved astonishing final beats.