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Row Row

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Game information

Game title: Row Row

Category: Android Games
Game description:

Go for a long-long journey on your boat. It is just you and the sea, so row, sailor, and get to the distant lands. You will make your way through the rivers that flow in the jungle, where exotic plants are waving their leaves and unseen creatures are hiding in the bushes. Then you will see the mountains and plains, sleeping under the blankets of snow. Observe their mightiness and calm, while you pass them by. The other lands will amaze you with huge and ancient volcanoes, ready to break out with hot lava from the heart of the Earth. All you have is just a kayak, or canoe, or a simple boat. Your transport is not very solid, so be very careful while you move. The obstacles like stones and unexpected turns are incredibly dangerous and can break your small and lonely boat into pieces once you pounce at them. Be careful!

Enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature, while you ride the boat and let all of your everyday worries seem as distant as the mountains on the horizon. We bet that this super-addictive and incredibly simple title will help you have a really good time after a hard working day. Just sit down, relax, launch Row Row and… row-row! We bet that you won’t put this one away for hours and maybe days. The bright graphics and well-thought arcade gameplay will surely please your eyes and engage your mind. Here are the best news – play Row Row online right here, on this site. Look no further – an ultimate relaxing title and your personal stress reliever is already at your fingertips.