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Last Day on Earth

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Game information

Game title: Last Day on Earth

Category: Games 2017
Game description:

Last Day on Earth; Survival is one of smartest multiplayer games. Also, it doesn’t lack the elements of strategy and shooter mechanics. Basically, it is an upgraded version of Last Day on Earth pumped up with Survival mode where up to 8 players can play during the same match. All involved players need to fulfill the simplest task – shoot all those dead bastards and keep on staying alive for as many hours as it is possible. Forget about any emotions and compassion. The death-bringing plague turned the world into a vast wasteland with the leftovers of humanity. Trust only your own heart in this cruel destroyed world, inhabited by bloodthirsty zombies and hostile humans. Basically, besides the team mode, you always remain alone versus the army of dead walkers in this RPG strategy with shooter elements. Eliminate all undead by crafting useful items to survive or become their dinner – the choice is up to you.