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Mr Meat 1.6.1

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Game information

Game title: Mr Meat 1.6.1

Category: Survival
Game description:

Working all his life a butcher, slicing bodies and spilling blood all days long, Mr. Meat has lost his mind. Now he doesn’t see the difference between animals and people. To make his horrible deeds, he has captured a girl and placed her inside of her house. She is hidden somewhere in the rooms and God only knows what horrors are waiting for her. The butcher lives not far from the main character, who has been watching this strange guy for some time. The protagonist realizes that something really bad is happening here and he decides to sneak into the man’s house. He suspects that the neighbor has lost his mind and that the girl he kidnapped is in a great danger. Being just a regular guy, the main character becomes a real rescuer and decides to enter the building for his own risk. It is pretty clear that the butcher is about to kill a girl and no doubts that he will also murder a protagonist with no mercy.

You have no fear! Enter the house of a butcher and find the girl. Take her away from this hell and do this as fast as you can. The game has a time limit – only five hours are there to let you fulfill the mission you have taken on your shoulders. The speed of your decisions is crucial here, because you have no right for a single mistake and need to take care of the limited amount of time. Mr. Meat will be somewhere beside you all the time. He knows that you are here and he is searching for you while you search for a poor girl. The trick is to find her before he finds you. Don’t fail this mission, because this will end tragically!