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Little Nightmares 2

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Game information

Game title: Little Nightmares 2

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

We would like to introduce this little girl to you, but she actually has no name. At home – a rather grim and secluded place where she was born and never saw anything else – she is called The Sixth. She spent all her life here wondering what’s going on beyond these grey walls. And one day she decided to break free. It will be tough because whoever runs this sulky prison won’t let her get away that easily. With your help, however, she has a chance!

A place you wouldn’t like to be

The setting of Little Nightmares 2 is surreal and disturbing, albeit deceivingly cozy: rooms are built into labyrinths of industrial premises, toy trains and dolls are lying next to refrigerators with corpses, homeliness is abruptly replaced by the atmosphere of a concentration camp. A children’s fairy tale is interspersed with the terrible reality of cold jail canteens and showers, in which leaky pipes twine the walls in a snake pattern.

As for the gameplay, it is extremely simple and concise. The pleasure is not in actions, but in the process of aesthetic admiration: in cute graphics, a dynamic camera, a lot of visual details, the semantic contrast of events and objects. An ordinary toy train is driving around the room, and just next to it you see pig-like ghouls chewing raw meat. Then in the pitch darkness a light gets on in the girl’s hands, and her soul gets warmer.

Getting out won’t be so simple…

The heroine can run, sneak, jump and interact with objects – take a trinket in her hands, turn a valve to open the door. None of the puzzles will be an obstacle for long. However, it will be only at first the riddles will remain at the level “move the box to reach the lever”. Later on, there are more intricate tests waiting for you.

Although in theory everything looks very simple, even primitive, in practice moments of stupor occur quite often. It is far from immediately possible that you can navigate a large location and find the correct sequence of actions. There are a bunch of objects scattered around, several boxes that you can climb on, a couple of interactive elements – the way you use them is up to you, so it makes sense to try different options. See if you can cope with all the challenges and leave your creepy imprisonment in Little Nightmares 2!